Curiositree as one of The Bookbag's top ten children’s non- fiction books of 2016.

Available in UK, US, Australia, South Africa, Germany, Sweden, Russia, France, Holland, Spain, Catalan, Italy and South East Asia

Nominated for Kate Greenaway Medal 2017.

A first introduction to the natural world that looks at the myriad ways in which plants and animals have adapted to give themselves the best chance of survival. Natural World explores and explains why living things look and behave the way they do in a series of visually compelling information charts

'...Owen Davey’s distinctive graphic style is coupled with clear, intelligent, non-patronising text
- a perfect introduction to the mysteries of taxonomy and the natural world...'
The Guardian

‘A must buy for the family bookshelf, the school or college library; in fact for any organisation that cares about life and the interconnectedness of everything.’
Red Reading Hub

‘This is easily the most beautiful kids nature book I have ever read’

‘This beautiful hardback book is richly illustrated and takes us on an amazing journey through the natural world through the medium of information charts [...] The attention to detail is riveting, filled with wide-ranging, in-depth content and beautiful production value.’
NFU Countryside

’a captivating non-fiction book that celebrates the great diversity of life on Earth...This book also provides exposure to art and design at its best. Davey’s print-like textures and earthy colours are arranged in beautifully composed double- spreads. This is a book to peruse, to mull over and to enjoy, as much as a reference book full of detailed information. This is a timeless, information book to be treasured by all ages.'
INIS Reading Guide

‘More than 50 charts, maps and cutaways explore the interconnectedness of nature, looking at how plants and animals survive. Set to be one of the most visually stunning titles of the year, I’m completely wowed by the spreads that I’ve seen.’
The Bookseller

‘There are dozens of beautiful nature books on the market, but this is stand-out: focussing on how and why animals look, behave and live as they do, it’s both information rich and beautifully illustrated.’
Huffington Post

‘Stunning artwork by award-winning illustrator Owen Davey this book will capture the attention of children and adults alike and is set to be one of the top nonfiction books of 2016’
Angels and Urchins

'A beautiful informative book” and “Stunning, interesting and I wish I could give more stars!'
Waterstones Bookseller

‘This visual compendium of natural wonders is an absolute delight to behold, to hold, to browse, to enjoy and to learn from [...] a museum for your lap, a museum for the home, the classroom, the library, a world of knowledge and fascination at your fingertips, a world beckoning you in and waiting to be explored’
Armadillo Magazine

'The book itself is sitting proudly on the living room picture rails. To describe it as just a great piece of design work alone would be selling it short – it really is a prize title in the evolution of children’s non-fiction books.'
Smallprint Blog

'Since life appeared on earth, each animal and plant has evolved to look and behave in the way that gives it the best chance of survival. Natural World explores the way that habitats, plants and animals are connected and the way that all elements of nature work in harmony - as well as how humankind is now threatening its existence by ignoring that intricate interconnectedness. This large hardback (the book jacket also unfolds into a large, full-colour wall poster) is stunningly illustrated and designed in quite an adult way. It features a sophisticated language, terminology and visual style, and so will probably appeal to older children who are already wildlife enthusiasts. Adults will also love the design and detail of this extremely beautiful reference book.'
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